• Creating & Delivering Branded Content

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  • Why Brands Use French Fry

    French Fry is an innovative and effective way for brands to engage a millennial audience. We create platform specific, branded content and leverage the combined reach of our social influencer teams to deliver impressions to a massive fan base.


    Execute large scale social media campaigns with a focus on Instagram and Snapchat


    Activate curated influencer teams across multiple categories


    Create professional and consistent photo and video content


    Eliminate the hassle of communicating with individual influencers


    Easily reach millions through native advertising posts and additional earned media


    Mobile focused on the social networks millennials use most

  • Influencer Teams

    We Work With A Hand Picked Team Of Social Media Rock Stars


    19 Team Members

    15 MM Combined Followers

    Comedy is shared 25x more than any other content on social media. We create branded memes that have pop culture relevance and resonate with millennials.


    42 Team Members

    20 MM Combined Followers

    Models drive trends in fashion, fitness, entertainment and more. Women want to be like them and men want to be associated with them.


    18 Team Members
    11 MM Combined Followers

    Our team of professional photographers has a variety of styles. They push the boundaries of creativity and deliver content that stands out.

  • Our Services

    Influencer Curation


    Creative Direction


    Content Creation


    Campaign Strategy & Execution


    Account Management


    Live Event Activations


    Analytics & Evaluation

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